Our vision for the year 2013- 2014 is to conduct the following activities across all therapy areas

Patient/ Public Awareness:

• Patient/ Public awareness through in- clinic exhibition of patient education material (Print/ AV) (Under Awareness Grant Program)

• Patient/ Public awareness through awareness camps and collaborations with other organizations having competencies in conducting such camps (Under Awareness Grant Program)

• Support and collaboration with awareness programs carried out by patient support/ patient counseling groups (Under Awareness Grant Program)

• Patient awareness through email/ digital campaigns

• Preventive awareness campaigns through email/ digital media

• Grass- root level awareness campaigns through mobile vans and collaborations with other organizations having competencies in conducting such campaigns (Under Awareness Grant Program)

Patient Support:

• Overall support by administering essential vaccines Patient support in essential areas like Sickle Cell Anemia/ Malnutrition/ AIDS/ Tuberculosis/ Vector borne diseases etc. (Under Patient Support Program)

• Patient Support through counseling

• Patient Support through subsidized consulting and collaborations with other organizations having charitable/ subsidized OPD’s (Under Patient Support Program)

• Engage medical practitioners to voluntarily participate in subsidized counseling/ consulting for underprivileged patients

• Therapy related financial aid for qualifying deserving applicants (Under Patient Support Program)

Continuing Medical Education and training for doctors and other stakeholders of the healthcare system:

• National Level Training The Trainer Program (Under Scientific Scholarship Program)

• Single Theme Training the Trainer Program (Under Scientific Scholarship Program)

• International Conference Participation (Under Scientific Scholarship Program)

• International Best Practices Program (Under Scientific Scholarship Program)

• Multi- city International Speaker Program for Specialists and Consulting Physicians

• Multi- city Therapy Updates for Consulting Physicians

• Multi- city Best Practices Program for General Physicians

• Online Continuing Medical Education Programs for all stakeholders

• Online Educational and Awareness Portals and Update Programs for all stakeholders

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