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Scientific Scholarship Program

The KRK Foundation Scientific Scholarship Program is designed to assist qualified and deserving applicants to participate in training/ scientific activities held in India and across the world.

The program is open only to practicing medical doctors with over 10 years of clinical experience. The program is designed for the sole purpose of updating the knowledge of these stakeholders and providing them with exposure to international guidelines and protocols followed in their field. The awardees are expected to share the knowledge and exposure gained through their participation in scientific activities amongst patients, peers and students. The scholarships are awarded based on a stringent selection process. The applicant’s intended field of study and the benefit of his participation to the overall goal of KRK Foundation are also considered in the evaluation process.

Please Note:
• Scholarships are limited to Scientific Sessions/ CME/ Conference/ Workshop/ Training Programs shortlisted by the Hon. Board of Trustees and the Hon. International Advisors

• Applicants must submit a duly filled request letter. Click here to fill the request letter online

• An updated resume must also be submitted by mail to or can be attached during the online request process

• Once the request letter and the resume is with KRK Foundation, the case will be reviewed by the Hon. Board of Trustees

• The Board of Trustees will take the final decision based on the credentials of the case and the applicant

• All scholarships are subject to the awardees agreement to the terms and conditions and annual funds availability through direct donations or educational grants provided by various donors

• Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or state of physical handicap

• Awardees must submit a feedback report as per the prescribed format no later than Ninety(90) working days from end of the Scientific Sessions/ CME/ Conference/ Workshop/ Training Program

•The awardee must provide KRK Foundation with educational content in terms of one or a combination of the following. This may be done at an individual level or in collaboration with other awardees attending the same scientific activity:
1. Slide Set on your subject of Interest
2. Article on your subject of Interest
3. Report of your experience, content covered, your perspective and the implications of

• The content provided by the awardee must be in an open source format and will be made available to doctors/ patients/ NGO’s/ training institutes and the general public across India to use. The content provided by you may cover educational material for the following stakeholders:
1. Patients
2. General Public
3. Medical Professionals
4. Teaching Institutes
5. NGO’s/ Other Initiatives

• The content provided by you will be uploaded on our web portal The content must be submitted to KRK Foundation no later than Ninety(90) days after completion of the scientific activity.

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