About Us

KRK Foundation is a non- profit organization registered under the provisions of the Mumbai Public Charitable Trust Act, 1950. It is a foundation committed to making a contribution to the overall healthcare system in India. Our core focus areas are:

Patient Care

No foundation with healthcare as its core focus would be complete without lending a helping hand to patients in need. In our country majority of the patients are unable to avail specialized medical treatment due to lack of funds. KRK foundation helps and supports individual patients as well as organizations dedicated to helping patient across the board during their illness.

Patient/ Public Awareness

Patient/Public awareness is a crucial part of the overall management of diseases and improving healthcare. Empowering patients/ public by arming them with knowledge about disease conditions enhances the decision making process and dispels myths. It helps bring patients to medical attention sooner and avoids complications. Patient education alleviates fears about treatment and allays anxiety. At best heightened population/patient awareness prevents diseases. KRK Foundation patient awareness initiatives have contributed by screening the population, diagnosing disease early as well as their treatment.

Capacity Building

The base of any healthcare delivery system is its personnel; doctors, nurses, paramedical forces, medical students and policy makers. To match internationally accepted standards of care it is imperative that in addition to training, regular updates on advances in medicine are provided to these stakeholders. Armed with the latest knowledge doctors can then respond appropriately to a given medical situation and this translates into better patient care as well as overall health for the country. KRK foundation facilitates this process through a variety of initiatives and ensures the vertical as well as horizontal percolation of this knowledge. We know and understand that that rural India that houses 70% of our population has access to only 20% doctors. These doctors form the backbone of our healthcare system and no health care program can be complete without their inclusion. Harnessing the power of technology KRK Foundation has succeeded in engaging and training doctors across the length and breadth of the country.

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